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Sensor Chip Selection Guide

SPR sensor chips offer a wide variety of surfaces depending on the analyte, experimental method, etc.

Are you having trouble finding the right sensor chip for your research purposes?

Please refer to the sensor chip selection guide below.

SPR sensor chip selection guide


  - Ligand-analyte molecular weight

  - Immobilization method 

  - Analysis content (kinetics, affinity, concentration)

  - Non-specific binding

  - Reuse method (regeneration)

Recommended sensor chip for
each type of ligand-analyte

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Linear polymer, HC Sensor chip

The HC sensor chip is a linear polymer polycarboxylate hydrogel surface.


The HC sensor chip is characterized by very high hydrophilicity and has a very high immobilization capacity compared to the dextran surface.


In addition, due to its relatively simple and uniform chemical and structural features, it exhibits very little non-specific binding and high sensitivity.

SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface



  - High immobilization capacity

  - High binding specificity (less NSB)

  - Immobilization stability

  - Affinity improvement

  - COVID-19 diagnostic sensor chip

High immobilization level / various products

SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface
SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface

High affinity and immobilization stability


COVID-19 diagnosis sensor chip

  The demand for research related to COVID-19 is increasing rapidly, and attention is being focused on the receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, a key target for therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic systems. ​

  Xantec provides highly reliable results in a variety of applications through the HC surface-based SARS-CoV-2 RBD sensor chip (C19RBDHC30M) with high sensitivity and specificity.

The COVID-19 diagnostic sensor chip has the  features:

  - Very low background, even with complex sample matrices

     like serum.

  - Extremely hydrated hydrogel matrix stabilizes the

     immobilized RBD protein.

  - High penetration depth of the analytes (antibodies)

     increases the signal intensity.

  - Superior ligand accessibility.

SPR sensor chip COVID-19 corona virus
SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface