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iMSPR ​support

​Find information about the software v1.15 upgrade
at the bottom of the page

Inquiry about device failure and system inspection

If there is a problem with the device and

you want to check the device, please apply.


​Customer support application

Your submission is complete!


Still unable to test for months due to device repairs?

Spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on device repair and maintenance?

Since icluebio directly manufactures and provides hardware and software for SPR devices, icluebio experts can provide prompt technical support to keep the device in the best condition at the most reasonable cost.

iMcare+       Premium maintenance/management program

If you upgrade to iMcare+, a premium maintenance/maintenance program, you can extend the warranty period to 2 years, and receive regular inspections, software upgrades, free replacement of consumables, and free operation training services for 10 years.

SPR premium care service

​Warranty period

for 2 years

Periodic inspection

​every six months

SW upgrade

every 1 year

Replacing Consumables

1 time after 5 years

free education

every 2 years


Upgrade to the latest operating software/manual.


icluebio’s iMSPR with the latest software upgrade

reduces noise and improves convenience.

Please download the revised manual as well as the upgrade software.

Download upgrade version >

iMSPR measurement/analysis tool upgrade v1.15

Measurement tool upgrade

Ligand Capture experiment support  (applied models: Pro, ProX)
Application Wizard Table Load&Save (Applicable models: Pro, ProX)

소프트웨어 업그레이드 v1.15-1E.png

 Analysis tool upgrade

Customized application analysis function (Applicable models: Pro, ProX)

소프트웨어 업그레이드 v1.15-2E.png
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