All in one system,

A pump, bubble eliminator, 2-channel fluidic module,

valve, injector, and SPR sensor

It's not just a combination, it's the birth of a whole new system.


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​Your analysis becomes


more precise and easier

by being able to

control all actuators

with one program.


according to the program experiment guide,


you can sequentially initialize the experiment,


check that the sensor chip is properly installed,


and calibrate the pump.


After setting the ligand molecule immobilization step and the analyte binding experiment sequence


All you have to do is insert the sample into the injector inlet

as directed in the program guide.


Smart features of iMSPR-Pro


​I.Sensor chip QC

SPR analysis system uses a metal thin-film sensor chip.

Whether the sensor chip is installed correctly,

the surface of the sensor chip is OK,

no bubbles in the current sensor chip channel,

iMSPR-Pro automatically recognizes all of these and informs you of the result.


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II. Automatic calculation of time difference between channels

In the connection mode of the two channels, a more perfect specific sensorgram can be obtained only when the differential is performed at the correct timing.

iMSPR-Pro calculates differential intervals using an algorithm developed in-house, and provides researchers with more complete data.


새는 싱크 배수관

III. Real-time bubble removal and leak alarm

When analyzing SPR, the thing that researchers should be most wary of is the bubble. If bubbles enter the channel during an experiment, not only will unwanted data be acquired, but it will also disrupt the surface.

iMSPR-Pro not only completely removes bubbles with its built-in real-time bubble removal system, but also informs researchers about leaks occurring during the experiment using an algorithm developed in-house and helps them to deal with them.



​When iMSPR-Pro and Autosampler are configured together, it automatically analyzes even a large number of samples.

Now leave the experiment to the Autosampler and focus on what's more important to you.


Features of iMSPR-Pro