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The beginning of every discovery,

Start with iMSPR!

Do you know the association/dissociation rate constants

of your target molecules?

Are you still spending a lot of time and money to do this?

​Analyze intermolecular binding properties

more accurately and quickly

at a more reasonable cost

with the SPR analysis device provided by icluebio.

spr pro x 튜브 정면.png


spr pro 정면.png


미니 정면.png


lab 도어닫힘 정면.png


Manufacturing Philosophy of the iMSPR




be accurate,

Highly reproducible



introduction cost,

maintenance cost is


the earth

to be sustainable

​Use of eco-friendly materials


Automatic 2-channel SPR system

iMSPR-ProX model is a fully automatic SPR system with auto sampler. This device is not simply equipped with an autosampler, but if you prepare a sample to be analyzed in the autosampler, the device also derives kinetic evaluation results.


This is a true sample-to-answer system.

프로x 모니터.png

iMSPR-ProX Video Manual


Semi-auto 2-channel SPR system

icluebio's professional SPR system, iMSPR-Pro

As the liquid transfer system is automated, it is convenient to use and can acquire highly reproducible data.

노트북 프로.png


Compact Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system

Your first SPR biosensor, iMSPR-mini, is small and reasonably priced.

It is a versatile analyzer for equilibrium constant (KD),

rate constant (ka, kd), and concentration analysis.

미니 튜브 정면.png

iMSPR-mini video manual

lab 도어오픈  perspective2.png



Variable angle 2-channel SPR system

Gas substances can also be analyzed using the SPR phenomenon.

iMSPR-Lab can change the angle,

Analysis of various samples and various film environments is possible.

Measurement / Analysis Software

The iMSPR-mini measurement software provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand research solution.

Additional SPR band images and the corresponding SPR curves are

based on biomolecular interactions and sensorgrams.

It will help you interpret the graph yourself.


Compare iMSPR models

iMSPR- model 비교_230201.png
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