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iMSPR rental service

If you use the iMSPR rental service provided by icluebio, you can freely set the period of use, always use the device in the best condition, and receive free academic support from specialists. In addition, it can be rented at a cost comparable to the maintenance cost of third-party devices.

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Use time setting

This service is most suitable for customers who conduct SPR analysis in a specific period. You can set the duration according to your research plan, so you can freely use the device in your lab at a much lower cost compared to purchasing equipment.

new model,
​best condition

At the time of rental of the device, you may use the latest model and software for the model you are renting. In addition, the equipment in the best condition is installed by the best technicians of iClubio, and you can always use the equipment in the same condition at no extra cost through regular equipment inspection.

Specialist once a month
​Experiment, analysis support

SPR requires a lot of expert-level knowledge such as device use, ligand immobilization, and analysis condition setting, and a long training course for it. If you use the rental service, you can plan the best experiment and receive accurate data review through the experiment and analysis support of the best specialists in the SPR field, which is included by default.

maintenance cost

Company C's SPR products require an average annual maintenance cost of about 10~20 million won. Now you can use the proven iMSPR with only the maintenance cost of other companies or at a lower cost than that.

iMSPR rental service usage fee and contents

미니 정면.png


​It is small

everything is possible


 899,000 won (12 months)

1,199,000 won (6 months)

KRW 1,499,000 (3 months)

spr pro 정면.png


university lab

good to use


 1,199,000 won (12 months)

1,599,000 won (6 months)

KRW 1,999,000 (3 months)

spr pro x 튜브 정면.png


Pharmaceutical companies, joint equipment use

​Fully automatic large-capacity processing


 1,999,000 won (12 months)

2,499,000 won (6 months)

KRW 2,999,000 (3 months)

lab 도어닫힘 정면.png


From chemistry to bio

and gas sensing


 1,199,000 won (12 months)

1,599,000 won (6 months)

KRW 1,999,000 (3 months)

​Common Contents

Including equipment usage fee and operation training fee

Monthly device inspection and upgrade

Experiment consulting and analysis support once a month

(Available for the required schedule 3 times for 3 months, 6 times for 6 months, 12 times for 12 months)

Other information

The monthly rental does not include consumables.

You can pay for materials and pay by credit card.

Device installation and collection is free of charge.

If the contract exceeds 12 months, the rental will be restarted after a detailed inspection and restoration of the best condition.

If you wish to purchase rental equipment, you will receive a discount on the total amount of rental payment.

(However, discounts of up to 50% of the equipment estimate are applied)

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