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iMSPR sensor chip, reagents and buffers


icluebio provides a wide range of sensor chip surfaces -type, functional group, density, thickness - and buffers dedicated to SPR analysis to be applicable to a variety of applications. The sensor chip surface, buffer, and reaction solution must be selected correctly according to various conditions such as the type of analyte, the size of the analyte, the ligand immobilization method, and the reduction of non-specific adsorption.

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Gold Sensor Chip

Protein-protein binding

DNA-DNA binding


small molecule


All sensor chips for this variety of binding and analytes are available.

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Buffer / Reagent

SPR can provide rich and valuable information, but consistent and reliable results can depend on the choice of reagents such as immobilization reagents and buffers.

We provide a wide range of buffers and reagents applicable to various experiments. All buffers are produced with triple purified water and pure reagents for analysis, and filtering is essential to ensure sterility.



In order to use the device more abundantly

Experience the variety of accessories offered by icluebio

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