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Biotin-molecule captrure kit 2

A new reagents kit that can completely regenerate sensor chips after experiments.

Consumables and Accessories

icluebio can be applied to various applications  We provide a wide range of sensor chip surfaces and reagents dedicated to SPR analysis. In addition, we provide parts for device maintenance and accessories that will further expand the application of manual devices.

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Sensor chips

Alkan thiols-based planar sensor chips, dextran-based membrane type sensor chips, and another membrane type sensor chips based on linear polymers specialized for small compounds. A variety of sensor chips are available for your various applications. Meet icluebio's high-quality sensor chip at the most reasonable price.

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Reagents and Buffers

Although SPR can provide rich and important information, consistent and reliable results may depend on the choice of reagents such as immobilization reagents and buffers. We offer a wide range of buffers and reagents that can be applied to a variety of experiments, and all buffers are produced with triple-purified water and pure reagents for analysis, and filtering is essential to ensure sterility.



Experience the various accessories provided by icluebio to use the device more abundantly.

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