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SPR analysis service

​ It's different if you do it by an expert

Service introduction

Surface plasmon resonance kinetics

The SPR biosensor is a technology that analyzes biomolecular bonds using optical principles. Real-time detection is possible without a specific label, and more accurate Kinetics evaluation is possible by analyzing K on (association rate constant) and K off (dissociation rate constant) as well as affinity .


It can measure not only antigen-antibody reactions but also interactions between various biomolecules such as proteins, DNA, cells, and viruses , so it is widely used from identification of life phenomena to drug screening, development of similar drugs, and quality evaluation.


ICLUBIO finds optimal analysis conditions for various test samples through professional technology based on SPR development and various analysis experiences . Using the iMSPR-Pro/A   device capable of precise analysis and Biacore 2000/3000 from Biacore, a world-class SPR biosensor brand, provides high-reliability analysis results .


​ Korea's largest icluebio's unique SPR analysis service


to obtain an accurate kinetics value , or

to obtain high-level data for approval; or

In order to quickly and accurately screen   of hundreds of different types of samples,

It must have a large processing capacity, and it requires a lot of experience and trial and error for analysis .

icluebio is with you on your journey to get the test data you want.

Based on  's expertise in developing and researching SPR biosensors_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_, we provide experiment/analysis services.

With the know-how gained through various sample analysis and research  we establish optimal experimental conditions.

In addition, it has the largest large-capacity sample processing capacity in Korea,

We will find candidates more quickly and more accurately.

You can request sample analysis through the experiment/analysis service or use the equipment yourself ,

You can also build your own iMSPR system in your lab and receive operational training.

In particular, if you have an iMSPR system,

Based on the results of initial experiments (feasibility) obtained in the laboratory,

Experimental/analysis services may be utilized under more reasonable terms.


​service types and price list

1. Price

   1-1. The price includes VAT.

   1-2. The price is based on cash payment.

   1-3. Customers who purchase iMSPR will receive a special customer discount of 20%.

   1-4. When new customers use the service for the first time, basic analysis/material cost is paid in advance.

2. Material

   2-1. Materials (sensor chip, buffer, reagents) are sold separately. (Refer to the price list for consumables)

   2-2. iCLUBIO uses Xantec products as SPR materials.

   2-3. If you want to use and analyze Biacore sensor chips and materials, we recommend that you purchase them directly.

   2-4. Basic consumables (tube, pipette tip, distilled water, PBS buffer) are used free of charge.

3. Device operation training

   3-1. The price includes the basic training kit.

   3-2. Theoretical education includes SPR theory, immobilization method, and analysis method.


​Reservation Status

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