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iMSPR fabrication journey from CNC machining to qualification

Writer: Alex Jang
Reference: Antiviral Research (2023, V. 212, 105576)

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Today, the team leader of the equipment business team, Dr. Lee has a tense expression. “The hole is 0.3 pie, and it needs to penetrate 5mm. Is that possible?” The answer from Meister Kim to such a question always comes back like this... “Leave it to me!”
Kim Yang-gon Meister (Meister Kim) has been realizing my ideas for 15 years as CNC-processed products (prototypes, raw materials for mass-produced products, and parts used mainly for the skeleton and exterior of products). Now, he is working with Dr. Lee regarding the production of iMSPR, but if I have to make something out of the ordinary (innovative at the time, but bizarre when I build and assemble it), I simply design it and send it to him. 
Meister Kim, the leader of the iMSPR Factory, is a Meister of Meister in this field who has been doing CNC machining for 25 years. It is no exaggeration to say that ICLUBIO's confidence to design new products and new technologies comes from Meister Kim.

If only one device (product) had to be made, any design would most likely be feasible. However, mass-produced products that require the reproducibility of several units are a little different.

In that sense, Dr. Lee and Meister Kim always have a tense tug-of-war when a new product comes out. In particular, optical parts or fluid modules that require detailed work always require more attention. Dr. Lee continues to doubt and doubt whether the key parts designed by the team will be machined to a mass production level. Meister Kim, who is well aware of such feelings, predicts the possibility of processing based on various experiences and, as always, relieves Dr. Lee's tension. There are times when Dr. Lee is embarrassed by scheduling issues, but...

Once the aluminum block is mounted, the CNC machine starts working without hesitation. First, after shaping with a large end mill, proceed with detailed processing according to the design drawing. We try to minimize errors in assembly by processing unibody without separating parts if possible. This is also the reason why we insist on manufacturing CNC machining.

The main material of iMSPR is aluminum. Although the production cost goes up, aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, so we insist on using this material. Our manufacturing philosophy and goal is to make it as durable as possible so that it can be used continuously, and if it is discarded after use, it can be recycled again and used continuously somewhere. After the machining is finished by the CNC machine, the first quality inspection is conducted. The main task is to check the dimensions of each workpiece and the position of the screw hole, and try to assemble it. After the first quality inspection is completed, an anodizing process is carried out to improve the corrosion resistance and chemical resistance of the surface. iMSPR workpieces are completely anodized, even the inner parts. The finished products are delivered to the equipment business team after the second quality inspection. Meister Kim's role ends here.


The processed products delivered to the device business team are assembled 100% by hand along with actuators and optical parts. As it is an optical analysis device, its assembly is also very sophisticated, and bolts and fluidics fittings are assembled with a fixed torque.
When the assembly process, which takes about a week, is completed, operation qualification (OQ) is performed. If it passes the OQ, the device is now moved to the Academic business Team. After the device is installed, the academic business team proceeds with performance qualification (PQ) using internal standard materials. This process is the final course of the production journey.

From the CNC machining started by Meister Kim to the assembly process of the Equipment Business Team and the PQ of the Academic Business Team. The journey to producing sustainable products is very long. In the journey, the subtle emotions of many people intersect, cooperation takes place, and a cold judgment is made at the necessary moment.

Through this article, I would like to express my gratitude to Meister Kim, who has made my wild imagination come true for 15 years and will continue to make it come true.
Meister Kim! Please take care of Pro2X too!!

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