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2X 특징.png

2X Experiments / one sensor chip

By Dual U-type flow cells

2X Less ligand volume consumption

By Ultra fine flow cells

2X Throughput, 300 samples/day

By Dual injection valve


Most sustainable and reasonable 

molecular interaction analysis system

Unibody fluidics module with 2-flow cells

made by CNC machining, Kretsmann configuration based SPR optical module,

Autosampler, degasser, solenoid selection valve, etc...

Various sensor chips

From antibodies to small compounds, everything analysis you want.

iMSPR analysis service

Experience the professional analysis of the specialized team that directly manufactures SPR products.

Why iMSPR?


Most sustainable SPR system


1,000$ per year

Sustainable cost for maintenance​


Flexible device introduction methods


Various models able to respond to all applications

SPR academic

Visit the SPR training center operated by icluebio. Understand how the device actually works, what the SPR theory is, and what steps the experimental procedure consists of through direct experience.



Since the release of the iMSPR-mini in 2020, we have installed it in various sites, including domestic and foreign university research institutes, national research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. We will continue to be icluebio that can provide impressions and surprises.

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