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The first iMSPR
User meeting

Writer: Alex Jang with Chat gpt
Photographer: Bin


Attending this event were not only major pharmaceutical companies such as SK Chemicals, Yuhan Corporation, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Samjin Pharmaceutical, and Dong-A ST, but also specialized venture companies in new drug development, as well as AI-based new drug development companies. Additionally, customers from various institutions such as the Korea Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Kookmin University, and Cha University participated, along with research institutes affiliated with universities. During this event, specialists from icluebio shared the principles and analysis know-how of iMSPR in their respective fields, while ProenTherapeutics and Professor Lee Seok-muk's research team from Kookmin University presented research results using iMSPR. Furthermore, the CEO of icluebio attracted attention by introducing the iMSPR-plex, a multi-analysis capable SPR imaging system product, during the first lecture. Through such diverse exchanges of information and technology, customers would have been able to conduct research more efficiently and discover innovative solutions.


Below is a summary of the highlights of the user meeting.


Here is the appearance of the reception desk located at the entrance of the venue. It's an important space to provide necessary information and support for participants to smoothly engage in the event. In preparation for the event that started at 10 a.m., the reception desk is equipped with informative notices regarding the event.

The setup with round tables to provide a comfortable environment for discussions along with the option to enjoy a meal looks really fantastic! Such a layout creates an ideal atmosphere for participants to engage in conversations and networking.


A menu guide for today's lunch course was placed on each table to graciously guide participants through the thoughtfully prepared meal. As it was the first event of its kind, a special course meal was prepared to express gratitude to the attending guests.


Here's a snapshot of attendees engaging in small talk before the event kicks off.  You can also spot Lee Hoyoon, the head of the domestic business division, who spearheaded the planning and preparation of the event. They're catching up with domestic customers, exchanging recent updates and engaging in conversations after a while.


Finally, the event has commenced. To ensure the smooth progression of the event, Kim Jin-young, the CEO of CoreLab Services, the domestic distributor of iClueBio, took charge as the emcee. He outlined the purpose of the event, which is to share iClueBio's latest products, applications, and analysis know-how with the customers. Through this, he emphasized the importance of enhancing understanding of our innovative products and services and strengthening collaboration. 


Today's first presentation was conducted by Alex Jang, the CEO of icluebio. He sincerely thanked the attending customers and proceeded to explain what makes iMSPR special. Particularly, the introduction of the iMSPR-plex, an SPR imaging system targeted for release in 2025, garnered significant interest. 

Here's a scene where he is explaining the recent relocation of our headquarters to the attendees. He is sharing details about the new location and highlighting the complimentary education center within the premises.


Immediately following, Manager Lee Ho-yoon of the Domestic Business Division gave a presentation on the iMSPR measurement principle, main features, and application areas using it.

​There must have been insufficient time to prepare for the event, but in order to share good information with customers, he prepared detailed information and passionately shared the information even while they were busy.


In the following presentation, Team Leader Kim Yeo-jin of ProenTherapeutics shared valuable research and development results obtained over about two years on the topics of binding affinity and avidity analysis using iMSPR and development of ADC (antibody-drug conjugation) using avidity characteristics. ProN Therapeutics is a customer company that owns two iMSPR-ProX models, and is conducting unique avidity evaluations through very extensive experiments. 

After lunch, the Outstanding Researcher Award was presented to the researcher who conducted the most remarkable research among iMSPR customers. This year, this honor went to Professor Seok-Mook Lee's research team at Kookmin University.

They published 10 papers in international journals over 3 years through iMSPR-mini. This research team specializes in the development of antibody treatments, and we believe that they have made a significant contribution to global health and the development of domestic antibody treatments by developing various candidate antibody drugs through extensive research during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.


Dr. Jiwoong Kim, who received the Outstanding Researcher Award, presented his research on the development of antibody treatments using iMSPR immediately after receiving the award. In particular, the use of iMSPR-mini to develop bispecific antibody treatments and analyze their characteristics was very impressive.

During the Q&A session after the presentation, a question was asked, “How did you secure such a large and precise affinity data using the manual model, iMSPR-mini, and what is the know-how?”

He responded to this question by saying, "At first, it took 1-2 days to acquire one affinity data. However, as I continued to use the device, it became easier as I got used to it, and later, I was able to obtain one piece of data within a few hours. “It is now possible to obtain it. In other words, there is no shortcut, but it seems that the know-how comes from using it a lot and becoming familiar with it.” 

It was an answer that made us renew our commitment to continue to strive to improve the convenience of the device in order to reduce the efforts of researchers even a little.


In the final presentation, Team Leader Jeong Hye-im of Iclubio's academic business team shared SPR analysis know-how. She  is Korea's best SPR analysis expert who has acquired a lot of know-how through various analyzes and provides more than 100 analysis services a year.

She prepared materials to make it easier to understand the analysis know-how accumulated in this way and shared the contents of each step with the attendees.

We believe that these presentations not only helped attendees increase their understanding of practical analysis, but also increased their trust in Iclubio's services and expertise.


At the end of the event, there was a fun gift giving event. The proceedings were led by Team Leader Seo Chang-deok of the Device Business Team. This event, which ended with an unexpected surprise for the participants, was probably the most enjoyable part of the day.


We took a group photo to remember today's event. We would like to thank once again all the customers who cooperated with the filming. Based on what we experienced at this year's event, we will prepare better and come back next year.


Thank you!

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