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A fully automatic system that informs the answer when the sample is installed

iMSPR-ProX model is a fully automatic SPR system with an autosampler.

It's not just with an autosampler.

Just prepare a sample, mount it on the autosampler, and the device will deliver the results you want.


From the ligand immobilization step to kinetic evaluation,

You can now leave to iMSPR-ProX and use your time to do what you really need.


When the sensor chip is installed, it determines whether the sensor chip is normal,

If there are bubbles in your buffer, they are removed in real-time,

It automatically calculates the sample injection time difference between channels to obtain perfect differential data.

As well as


ProX can install two 96-well plates at the same time,

Large-scale screening of candidate drugs, which is the initial stage of new drug development, is possible.

In addition, through iMcare Plus, a premium maintenance service provided as standard,

You can continuously upgrade the program at no extra cost,

to keep the system in optimal condition,

New employees or new researchers can receive the best training from a specialist at no extra cost.

Experience new innovation with the fully automated model iMSPR-ProX.

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Check the details of iMSPR-ProX

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