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Surface plasmon resonance kinetics evaluation education service

SPR biosensor

Kinetics evaluation

education service

Individual education / group education

iMSPR / Biacore

SPR education

The SPR biosensor is the gold standard technology for kinetics evaluation and biointermolecular binding analysis both in the pharmaceutical/medical industry field and in life science/engineering-related academia.


From new drug discovery to disease diagnosis and biophenomenology research, SPR biosensors are an important analytical tool used by thousands of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Graduates who have experienced analysis using cutting-edge technologies such as SPR biosensors will become the most competitive talent in related industries and research fields.


iCluBio develops and distributes universal tools so that college students in related departments can receive basic education on SPR analysis devices and theories that only experts have access to, and conducts educational programs that enable individual practice using the tools. there is.

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1.  Due to the corona pandemic, individual education/Biacore education will be held as a one-day schedule and group education as a two-day schedule.

2. Individual training and Biacore training are limited to 3 people or less.

3. Biacore training is conducted with Biacore2000 or Biacore3000 depending on the circumstances of the analysis center.

4. In group training, theoretical training may be replaced by online training in accordance with the government's social distancing policy.

5. Training fee is exclusive of VAT. 

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