SPR sensor chip

Sensor chips

We provide normal grade 2D and high-grade 2D/3D sensor chips
as well as reagents for immobilization of biomolecules

SPR sensor chip

Normal grade

2D (planar) sensor chip

Carboxylic (COOH) sensor chip

Biotinylated sensor chip

Bare Au chip 

SPR sensor chip Xantec

High grade

3D (hydrogel) sensor chip

Carboxymethyldextran hydrogel chip (CMD)

Polycarboxylate hydrogel (HC)

Streptavidin modified hydrogel chip (SAD)

NTA derivatized hydrogel chip (NID)

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 (C19RBDHC30M) for COVID-19

SPR reagent


Buffers & immobilization kit

Amine coupling kit (NHS/EDC, blocking solution)

Immobilization buffer: Acetate buffer (pH3.5~6.0)

Running buffers I:  1x PBS & HBS

Running buffers II: 1x PBST & HBST (including Tween20)

Regeneration buffers: NaOH & Glycine-HCl