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SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface

Linear polymer, HC Sensor chip

The HC sensor chip is a linear polymer polycarboxylate hydrogel surface.


The HC sensor chip is characterized by very high hydrophilicity and has a very high immobilization capacity compared to the dextran surface.


In addition, due to its relatively simple and uniform chemical and structural features, it exhibits very little non-specific binding and high sensitivity.

SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface



  - High immobilization capacity

  - High binding specificity (less NSB)

  - Immobilization stability

  - Affinity improvement

  - COVID-19 diagnostic sensor chip

High immobilization level / various products

SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface
SPR sensor chip linear polymer surface

High affinity and immobilization stability


COVID-19 diagnosis sensor chip

  The demand for research related to COVID-19 is increasing rapidly, and attention is being focused on the receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, a key target for therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic systems. ​

  Xantec provides highly reliable results in a variety of applications through the HC surface-based SARS-CoV-2 RBD sensor chip (C19RBDHC30M) with high sensitivity and specificity.

The COVID-19 diagnostic sensor chip has the  features:

  - Very low background, even with complex sample matrices

     like serum.

  - Extremely hydrated hydrogel matrix stabilizes the

     immobilized RBD protein.

  - High penetration depth of the analytes (antibodies)

     increases the signal intensity.

  - Superior ligand accessibility.

SPR sensor chip COVID-19 corona virus
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