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To all selected customers

Thank you very much.

In 2023, everything planned

I wish you well.

iCluBio also by 2023

through better services and products

Your pharmaceutical development and

For the success of bio-related research

We will do our best.


happy new year.


i clue bio-molecular interaction

The most reasonable iMSPR, nearby you


the best choice to solve the clue of intermolecular binding

Solve the clues of life phenomena through icluebio's SPR biosensor total solution,

develop new treatment and apply it as a disease diagnosis platform technology.

2-channel SPR automatic analysis system,


We are looking for overseas partners.

Contact us!

icluebio is a Korean company specializing in SPR-based intermolecular binding analysis systems.

Since 2020, we have installed more than 40 devices including domestic pharmaceutical companies, core facilities and private labs of university, and have proven their performance through many verifications.

We are looking for a partner to sell iMSPR products of icluebio. If you are interested, please contact us at

If you become our partner, we will do our best to cooperate so that stable revenue can be generated through analysis services rather than product sales.


"At first, I was unfamiliar with using the SPR device because the theory was difficult. However, I was able to understand the SPR through the education provided by icluebio, and evaluate the reliable affinity of gas molecules on silica beads through the iMSPR-Lab device. I think that it can be used for various research and analysis in my further works.

- Co-author, SPR experiment conductor, Yunseong Lee Ph.D. course 


New Article_Gas Sensing

Title: Tailor-made mesoporous SiO2/Au thin film with a substitutable interface for highly sensitive and selective room-temperature gas detection of VOCs  

Journal: Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical 373 (2022) 132763

Correspond Author: Surin Hong, CHA University

First Author: Youngbo Choi, Chungbuk National University

Application: Gas sensor

Model: iMSPR-Lab (modified)

sensor chip: Bare-Au-chip, Lab-made surface

Ligand immobilization: Silica beads based

Process of monitoring intermolecular binding using SPR biosensor

We are convinced that the prism coupling method SPR biosensor is the most stable and the best tool that has been proven for a long time.


A phenomenon occurs where the light incident from the bottom of the sensor chip disappears without being reflected at a specific angle of incidence. The specific angle of incidence at this time is the SPR angle.
The SPR angle shifts according to the refractive index on the surface of the sensor chip. The change in refractive index on the surface of the sensor chip means intermolecular bonding. The binding and dissociation of ligand and analyte on the surface of the sensor chip can be monitored by measuring the change in the SPR angle in real-time. The real-time graph at this time is called a sensorgram. This sensorgram shows how quickly the analyte interacts with the ligand. You can evaluate whether it binds and dissociates and what affinity it is.


SPR biosensor total solution

to clue bio-molecular interaction

icluebio strives to solve all customer needs through a variety of products and services, from products such as SPR devices, software, and sensor chips, to premium education services for intermolecular kinetic evaluation using SPR, and intermolecular kinetics analysis services using Biacore devices.

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SPR rental service


SPR analysis service


SPR Training Program


Still unable to test for months due to device repairs?

Spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on device repair and maintenance?

Since icluebio directly manufactures and provides hardware and software for SPR devices, icluebio experts can provide prompt technical support to keep the device in the best condition at the most reasonable cost.

iMcare+       Premium maintenance/management program

If you upgrade to iMcare+, a premium maintenance/maintenance program, you can extend the warranty period to 2 years, and receive regular inspections, software upgrades, free replacement of consumables, and free operation training services for 10 years.


​Warranty period

for 2 years

Periodic inspection

​every six months

SW upgrade

every 1 year

Replacing Consumables

1 time after 5 years

free education

every 2 years

Trusted by the researchers

Two years after the launch of iMSPR-mini since 2020,

we have installed more than 40 units in various fields

such as domestic and foreign university research institutes,

national research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies.

We are analysis partners of many pharmaceutical companies and institutions.


We will continue to provide impressions and surprises.

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